Stream migration - Fetch additional channel metadata

While the inventory report supplied by Microsoft already exports quite some information about your videos in Stream Classic, there is also still some things missing. Such as the channels description and logo images. These can be used to setup a video portal with a site for each company-wide Stream classic channel for example and then use the same channel description and logo for the new SharePoint site. Then, when you migrate that channel into the SharePoint site using the migration tool, the experience for end-users is improved quite considerably as they will recognize the logo and the description besides the channel's name.
You will need to fetch the token and paste it into a token.txt file such as described for the original Inventory report PowerShell.

See this PowerShell script to fetch additional metadata of Stream classic channels such as the description and logo. It will create a csv-file with the metadata and store all the logos in a subfolder /Images of the folder you run the script in. Remember that you need to create a token.txt file with the Bearer token that you got from the chrome dev tools on the Stream classic portal.

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