Pixel 7 Fingerprint scanner issues

Totally off-topic, but I recently bought a Pixel 7 from Google and was going insane on the terrible finger print scanner on the front screen. Finally, it seems it works a bit better thanks to this topic on reddit.

These are often cited tips in the thread:

  • Setup your fingerprints in the dark or in low-light conditions.
  • During setup press as hard as you normally do during unlock. Many people (including me) press pretty hard during setup to get the device to understand my fingerprint. But if you normally unlock with a light press, also make sure to press lightly during setup.
  • Register the same finger twice during setup.

I dont use a screen protector myself, but you could play with the screen protector settings (in Display menu) if you do. Some people say disabling it, actually makes the finger print sensor work better.

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